Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What's this then? Another generic art site? Methinks not...

           Coming soon is the artsindex. At the moment little is known about this new site, movement, development, thing. However I'm a sneaky bugger and managed to get a quick chat the other day with the people setting the community up.
I asked - in a wide-eyed bushy-tailed way akin to a 1st year boy getting sex education for the first time "What's it all about then?"

"In essence this is a site for those interested in the arts - everyday you and me that love a little bit of escapism through music, writing, events, theatre and all the unpredictable wants that the right brain screams for..."
 AND for those involved in the arts providing us with these very products [circa.]. (I'm not sure if product is the best word to use for the arts but I didn't have my dictaphone and I did do a science degree and taught sex education to a group of thirty 12 year old boys, one of them did indeed write on his card "What's it all about then?" (bless). The others obviously had older brothers with educational mags under their beds... Anyway...
Me - "Ok I ask, have we not got this anyway in other sites?"
"Well, like facebook each member will be able to have their own area that they can customize and showcase their work, linking with peers, etc. However the artist, group, organisation or whatever area that's geting invoved in the community will also be fully integrated into the system so the public is aware of the where, when of opportunities to see performances..."
Me - "again"
"In a nutshell we'll index all the artists (lets call everyone artists - musicians, photographers, theatre groups, film makers, writers et al.) so if they have a performance then members of the public can search for it, find out where, when, who else is going without having to be a friend or signing up to a particular persons page. You can find a wealth of talent in your particular field. Say I like graphic novels... I can search this area for one person I might know and get a list of all the other writers/illustrators in that field and check out their material. It's a win-win situation for those searching and looking to be searched for!"
Me - "again"
Shut it.

This looks like an excellent opportunity for both artist and artistee. The artsindex are looking for artists and followers of the arts to test there new site before launch. If you are interested have a click -

if anyone knows how I can make pictures link to websites I'll give them a pound. Mx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Radio Rab Rab

Good day if you are,
here's a ghost pie I made..... Ghost pie.

This Thursday shake your tailfeather or penis down to Gallus for some live streaming radio broadcast out to the internet and world. Be part of a new craze (tbc) starting in Glasgow town.Your views will be expected and there will be live music, games and giveaways. Brilliance.
There isn't much more to say other than it might remind you of the SSC singsong season of 2001-2006 or thereabouts, or it may remind you of vic and bob, adam and joe, or it may remind you of sma and bob, which it is.......

Starts 8:30pm. Be there or you won't.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

OOooooohhhh you spooooky thing


If you haven't noticed already from the pretend cobwebs in shops and kids shooting fireworks at you on the street it's coming up for Halloween... will you be making the effort, putting tinfoil round your finger and going along as goldfingers poorer cousin? I do actually enjoy getting dressed up in fancy dress, I do it most days. This Thursday at Gallus bar will be no exception.
It took me ages to think of how to change MishMash into a halloween style night, originally it was going to be 'Martin's spooky MishMash'... what a royal prunt, then enlightenment and a bowl of cocopops spat in my face later at the guffaw I got, it turns out MonsterMash is fine.

Now! What is going on? Live Music from Chris Barrett, a beautiful voice and songsmith, home of the YeeHaw it's Dixie Beaver and poet, machar man and urban folk artist Eddie Robinson who has gone solo and grown a beard, that's what I like to see...

The guys will be playing their thing from 8pm and there will be games and punch and some DJ action. Might try and stick some Evil Dead on the big screen too!

So get your wigs on, vijazzle yourself up and get on down to Gallus - 80 Dumbarton Road. Free punch for those that we think are in fancy dress... it's sometimes difficult to tell.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BANDSPLOITATION - a new night of movies, music, gore and more

This Thursday is the beginning of a beautiful new relationship with the Chinaskis, with music, blaxploitation classics, comedy, gore and this months special guest band "dropkick".

What's it all about - have a peak here -
like what you see? Have a sneak here -

This isn't installation art. I've always said I'd rather rip my toenails out rather than go to a gallery with IA but this is different. It's sweaty and growly and properly interactive. You can touch the bands....

COME DOWN FROM 8:30pm Thursday 13th. FREE ENTRY. Promos and all that other jazz to seduce. Free cars, brooom.

Monday, 19 September 2011

What's on? I'll tell you what's on...

The outside still needs a coat of paint but it is still Gallus enough to get it's music nights up and running again after the summer break. For your ears and eyes this week at the bottom of Church St. (bottom of Byres Rd) we have:

Majestic Dandelion -

"clickity for free majestic music"

like them on facebook!

They are teaming up with the almighty Levee Strollers -

"Levee music on myspace"

likey facebooky

and for the first time at Gallus the trio of McKell, Ross & Gill - 

Mckell, Ross & Gill

facebook link

This looks set to be a cracking evening so let your hair down, pretend it's a Friday and let the weekend start early.

Info here for Bar Gallus:
Bar Gallus on Facebook

All Best,
Team HUT

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


it is upon us once again, don your linens, don your straw hat. Venture forth and gobble up the music art and more.... pop over to pat's and see what's on for the main site...

 The Ship (was the liquid ship until recently) is hosting a brilliant line-up this year. Many artists that have come through the ranks of the candy sessions and made it big are coming back to play at this years festival. And the good thing is it's all for free. The last time I went in the Chinaski's were playing a stripped down acoustic set, Jamie Flett was bluesy-countrying and the sound was being taken care of by Patrick from Nice.

Now for a little self promotion...

Friday, June 10th, 9pm
This Silent Forest (acoustic), Reptile House, Robin Adams, Martin McLaughlin

Sell music itunes

Be good to see you there...

Check back over the next few days for some reviews and previews and biased views...