Sunday, 14 November 2010


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Hello all and what a show we have lined up for the 25th November, a veritable thanksgiving of musicians for your ears and eyes.

This month we are pleased to mash with...

Chris Barrett -

Daniel Hertzov -

Jamie Flett and the Flaming Jets -

Andy Flett

Jim Byrne

Jim will be playing material from his new album, 'Every day is sunshine'
have a peak here.. I may play a few tunes to get the night going

What else to say?? Click the links above and have a listen. Do your homework, wash behind your ears, drink tea.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


There is a blinkingly good line-up this month at Gallus. I'm not one to swear but by golly it's a hot one.

David Marshall will be joining us for some folk roots, excellent guitar and songwriting

The Dirty Beggars are here! Touring over the next few months I've managed to mash them into playnig at Gallus:

Stephen Flavahan is playing this month. Nice. I saw Stephen at Bar10 a few months ago and said I would fight him if he didn't come and play. Excellent performer and lyricist.

And we have the DADDY NAGGINS! Some of the naggins have been in before and they didn't have to nag me to play here again (good eh).
see some things in this area:

And so with me mixing it up a little:
we should have a great night for you.

Try and get Friday off, that's probably the easiest thing to do.


Here is a link of the poster

Here is a blog that I'm going to try and update every day (erm)

Here is a picture of me asking you nicely to go to gallus:


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Music Hut - Hello Glasgow and Beyond

Hello Music people of Glasgow and beyond. Whether you are a performer, producer, publican or punter on the street who likes to keep in the Music then The Music Hut is a good stop to start at.

Scotland's Music Capital has over 2000 music events each week, from singer/songwriter nights  to theatre performances at concert halls in the city. A lot of the smaller evenings go unheard and larger events can be expensive and inaccessible. I'll be here to give a daily upate of the who and where and why not indeed.

Bookmark the Music Hut and pop in daily for videos, links, soundclips, reviews and more...