Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What's this then? Another generic art site? Methinks not...

           Coming soon is the artsindex. At the moment little is known about this new site, movement, development, thing. However I'm a sneaky bugger and managed to get a quick chat the other day with the people setting the community up.
I asked - in a wide-eyed bushy-tailed way akin to a 1st year boy getting sex education for the first time "What's it all about then?"

"In essence this is a site for those interested in the arts - everyday you and me that love a little bit of escapism through music, writing, events, theatre and all the unpredictable wants that the right brain screams for..."
 AND for those involved in the arts providing us with these very products [circa.]. (I'm not sure if product is the best word to use for the arts but I didn't have my dictaphone and I did do a science degree and taught sex education to a group of thirty 12 year old boys, one of them did indeed write on his card "What's it all about then?" (bless). The others obviously had older brothers with educational mags under their beds... Anyway...
Me - "Ok I ask, have we not got this anyway in other sites?"
"Well, like facebook each member will be able to have their own area that they can customize and showcase their work, linking with peers, etc. However the artist, group, organisation or whatever area that's geting invoved in the community will also be fully integrated into the system so the public is aware of the where, when of opportunities to see performances..."
Me - "again"
"In a nutshell we'll index all the artists (lets call everyone artists - musicians, photographers, theatre groups, film makers, writers et al.) so if they have a performance then members of the public can search for it, find out where, when, who else is going without having to be a friend or signing up to a particular persons page. You can find a wealth of talent in your particular field. Say I like graphic novels... I can search this area for one person I might know and get a list of all the other writers/illustrators in that field and check out their material. It's a win-win situation for those searching and looking to be searched for!"
Me - "again"
Shut it.

This looks like an excellent opportunity for both artist and artistee. The artsindex are looking for artists and followers of the arts to test there new site before launch. If you are interested have a click -

if anyone knows how I can make pictures link to websites I'll give them a pound. Mx

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